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Hot, pungent, sweet mustard rightly enjoys pride of place on the tables of the people all over the world. It is hard to imagine yourself not only the Russian but also the most of European cuisines without it. And it is not amazing, mustard is not only tasty, it consists of many useful components: vitamins, micro- and macro-elements, volatile oil of mustard with polyunsaturated fatty acids, which promote metabolism and inhibit the process of senescence.

Mustard adds zest to a dish, causes excessive elimination of stomach juice and salivation, lightens fat splitting and in such a way improves digestion. Many dishes will be dressed with mustard. Fish, poultry and meat are baked in mustard. It aromatizes a dish and does not let it dry during cooking. Mustard lost its pungency by heating, that’s why the taste of ready-to-eat meal becomes so mild. Thanks to its exclusive characteristics mustard became one of the most popular dressings in the kitchen!

Develey Mustard Bawarskaya

Mustard Bawarskaya has an unusual taste of spicy sweet mustard. It has a clear aroma, which gives an amazing combination with meat or sausage products.

Develey Mustard Russkaya

Mustard Russkaya is pungent, its flavor is so strong that causes stinging in the nose. It is a perfect choice for various amount of dishes and can gain heart of every gourmand.

Reine de Dijon / Dijon Mustard

Mustard Dischonskaya/ Dijon Mustard is known and loved all over the world thanks to its unique flavor. This hot and acidulous dressing is used for improvement of taste of many dishes. Without the slightest doubt it matches to the grilled stake and meat.

Reine de Dijon Rotisseur

Grained mustard, also known as «Rotisseur» - is a coarsely ground hot mustard. The large part of mustard seeds remain complete that’s why they give to a dish such an exclusive flavor by heating. It is a reason why it‘s served to hot dishes.

Mustard TM Gerbert

Mustard TM Gerbert – hot mustard with a sweet-bitter aftertaste with inclusions of spices. Such additives as dill and garlic add a piquant note for hot mustard and open the deepness of taste and flavor of a product.